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Shop Our Lamb For Sale In East Montpelier, VT

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Local Lamb For Sale Near Montpelier VT

Supporting a local farm is supporting the farm family and the community. Our farm keeps our money local so you can be assured that your money will go back into our local community. Our family is so excited to be raising Heritage sheep, our lambs are born and raised right on our farm


Our sheep and lamb can be found grazing in the pastures around Richard and Bonnie’s home during the spring, summer, and fall. The couple spend the evenings moving the pasture, to make sure the sheep always have plenty of luscious grass to eat.


Our sheep are moved into the barn in the winter months where they are supplemented with grain.  Richard and Bonnie love having the grand kids, and grandnieces over to care for the sheep with them. You can taste the difference in the meat, knowing that our lambs lived a care-free life with lots of love.

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We Keep It Local

The food miles are quite low as our lambs get processed locally in St. Johnsbury by Northeast Kingdom Processing. The result is lamb that is so fresh and delicious. Our most popular products are the Leg of Lamb, these really dress up a holiday meal!


Also popular are the loin chops and rib chops, shanks, and of course our ground lamb. The ground lamb is a delicious way to add variety to dishes, as an example you can mix it with another one of our ground products to make meatballs!

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What Our Customers Say


We really enjoyed the farm to table bags! All of the meats were absolutely delicious, and the recipes included were simple to follow. We will definitely purchase again! Thanks for offering these!

- Angel, Nov 2020


I was excited to hear that Fairmont Farms had opened a retail store. So far I have tried lamb (delicious!) and beef, and my new favorite is the monthly bag - fixings for 4 meals , with recipes and Cabot ingredients included. Their website is easy to navigate, and the curbside pick-up is safe, convenient, and seamless. I'm happy to support this local family farm while enjoying the convenience of the store.

- Virginia, Nov 2020


Very appreciative of the Fairmont Farm market. The quality of the meats has been outstanding, and visiting the farm for pickup is a great alternative to conventional shopping trips. Fun way to shop local.

- Mark, Oct 2020

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