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Our Meat Animals

Beef, Pork, and Lamb raised with love by our family for yours!

Our family all has one thing in common, we are animal people!  We love raising animals, caring for them is something that comes naturally for us.  Expanding our animals beyond our dairy cows was an easy step towards diversification.  


We now find so much joy in raising our beef, pigs and sheep.  We are proud that we can provide locally raised meats to our community.  These animals are all raised by our family with love, so they can be enjoyed by your family around the dinner table!

Our Beef Animals

All cows at the “Dairy” are bred to beef semen.  We use a specific breed, Limousin, as they are known for their natural muscle yield and their delicious flavor.  


A selection of these animals are kept and raised for our Market.

Beef Animals.jpg

Our Pigs

Our pigs are raised at the “Haven” and are grown with milk from our Matriarch cows as well as supplemental grain.  These animals are raised for our Market and produce flavorful cuts of pork.

Our Sheep

We raise Dorset sheep for our Market. We currently have 30 ewes and 2 rams along with lambs that will be harvested in the spring.  


Our sheep are raised on pasture during the spring, summer and fall and can be found enjoying the mountain view at the “Farm”.

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