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Beef Steak

Local Meat Market Near Montpelier VT

Thank you for shopping with us here at Fairmont Farm & Market. Our family is excited to offer a Farm Market selling local beef, pork, lamb and Cabot Dairy Products for sale at our East Montpelier farm, The Haven. Our goal is to be bring healthy & delicious local meats to our Central Vermont community.  


Our Market is a passion project for the women on our family farm, it is something we can all contribute to, that we can do with our kids (the 4th generation), and that supports our farm. We have had so much fun being able to interact with all of you in a new way, testing out products and recipes and dreaming up our vision for the future. We hope to keep bringing you new and exciting products and make your shopping experience easy and enjoyable.

What Our Customers Say


Being close neighbors, we've enjoyed Fairmont's meats for years. We had a delicious pot roast of their boneless chuck for our New Year's dinner (2024!) just a couple of days ago. Their animals are raised humanely and their family-run farm is productive and beautiful. (Have a look at their charming web pages.) They've expanded their market to include local dairy products and a nice array of specialty items like maple syrup and jams produced by neighboring farms. It's a great feeling to know where your food comes from. Their customer service is superb. Very highly recommended.

- Rhoda, January 2024


Fairmont Farm has been my go-to Farm here in Montpelier. Super tasty pork, top notch lamb, and the color of the fat of the beef says it all!
I'm also a fan of using the underutilized and overlooked parts, so don't be scared to come check it out.
Bonnie, Richard and family have been nothing but awesome and supportive

- Barr Hill Distillery, February 2024


Very appreciative of the Fairmont Farm market. The quality of the meats has been outstanding, and visiting the farm for pickup is a great alternative to conventional shopping trips. Fun way to shop local.

- Mark, Oct 2020

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