We are a third generation dairy farm, our passion is for our animals, our community, our employees, and our environment.  We milk 1,400 registered Holsteins across our three farm locations and have about 40 employees including full and part time positions.  We are focused on sustainability and are constantly working to improve our efficiencies both on the farmstead and in the fields.  We crop about 3,000 acres and are 100% no-till which has greatly improved soil health, production and water quality.

Our Mission Statement:

"Fairmont Farm will strive to be a profitable dairy farm with the utmost consideration for the safety and happiness of our people, the cleanliness of our environment and the health of our animals."

We are Cabot Creamery farmers, and are very proud of our cooperative and the excellent products that our milk helps to produce.  We are huge fans of Cabot's "Seriously Sharp Cheddar" among many of their other products.  Cabot's proceeds come back to it's farmer owners so any purchases you make help support us.  


Education is something our family holds near to our heart.  We host a lot of farm tours, our local pre-school, University tours, the town historical society, the Japanese Cheese Association, New England Historical tours are just a few of the tours we have done in recent years.  Beyond tours, we started a 4-H Club in our community to give local kids, without a farm background, the opportunity to learn about farming in a hands-on environment.  Our 4-H Club, the Udderly Crazy 4-H Club, participates in events from the regional level to the national level.  4-Hers have their own "project animal" and learn to care for them as well as learn about the dairy industry.  Our newest educational adventure is a summer Dairy Day Camp that we started in 2014.  We had 24 local kids participate and learn about caring for heifer calves and life on the dairy farm.  


Weddings are another new venture of ours.  They are a way for us to invite people to come and enjoy our beautiful farm.  We have such a special spot that we want to share it with the world.  Weddings have also helped us to diversify.  As we continue to think about sustainability we know that diversification will need to be a part of our plan.  For us right now, this is one of many ways we can create income to supplement our milk income.