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Now Offering Farm Fresh Eggs For Sale

You can now add Farm Fresh Eggs to your Fairmont Market order thanks to our friends over at Potters Field Homestead!

One-Stop Shop

We are excited to offer fresh local eggs to our meats and Cabot dairy products. Place your order of Farm Fresh eggs online and stop in at your convenience to pick up your order. Knowing where your food comes from and how the animals are cared for makes all the difference! These eggs will be the freshest you can buy.


Supporting Local Farms

Potters Field Homestead is one of our gems in East Montpelier.  The Perry family is a member of our Udderly Crazy 4H club. This family shows up, works hard with their calves and is always ready to volunteer to help. Their purpose for raising these hens is for their girls to have chores, to be able to eat the food they raise and because they love their chickens. These lucky hens eat grain, as well as warm oatmeal with fruit on cold days, yogurt from time to time and fruit and veggie scraps along with garden waste during the summer months. You can be assured that the eggs are coming from well loved and cared for hens.  

Do You Know Why Some Eggs Are Different Colors?

Opening a carton of local farm fresh eggs will be a surprise each and every time. The color of the shell is determined by the breed of the chicken. The egg itself will be the same as far as taste and nutritional value but the color of the shell will let you know the hen was a specific breed or mix of breeds.

Colored Eggs

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