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Suddabee's Honey

You can now add local Vermont Honey to your Fairmont Market order thanks to our friends over at Suddabee's Honey!

Buy Vermont Honey

We are excited to offer local Vermont Honey to our meat, poultry and Cabot dairy products. Place your order of Suddabee's Honey online and stop in at your convenience to pick up your order. We offer several jar sizes of honey at our Fairmont Market location in East Montpelier VT so you can choose the jar that is right for you.

Suddabee's Pure Vermont Honey
Beekeeper Holding a Honeycomb

Supporting Local Farms

Suddabee’s Honey is a family owned business out of Morristown, Vermont.  They not only offer honey to buy but also offer education on bee keeping as well. Their mission is to help maintain the insect responsible for keeping Vermont’s plants pollinated while also continuing the passion for raising healthy, disease free bees, so that you can raise them as well. We are grateful for their passion and are excited to be able to offer their amazing product so that your family can support another local business and enjoy the richness that Vermont honey brings!

Why We Love Honey


Honey brings about wonderful memories of grandparents using honey to naturally sweeten recipes, help with coughs and sore throats and can treat burns and promote wound healing when applied topically.  


We all need to have honey in our homes.  Suddabee’s honey is another wonderful Vermont product we feel good about sharing with you all.  

Plum in Honey

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