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Springtime on the Farm: Farm Kid Version!

We know you love seeing our Fairmont kids, so here are some recent photos of these kids at one of their favorite places...the farm, of course! We are so grateful that these kids will get to grow up with so many wonderful experiences together.

As we know in Vermont, spring also brings "mud season" and the farm definitely gets muddy! A little mud doesn't bother these kids.

Becoming hard workers and the importance of working together are important skills these kids learn from an early age!!

And they definitely like helping and working with the adults too! I know they are looking forward to their turns this summer riding along in the mower, chopper or tractors!

These farm kids love to have fun. Our phones are all filled with lots of pictures of them in their element, enjoying life on the farm. We hope you enjoy a small glimpse into some of them from this spring so far!

While we are on the subject of kids, Fairmont Market isn't just a place to get quality, local foods for grown-ups. It truly should be - and is - enjoyed by the whole family. Here are items our kids love the most if you want some ideas for your family!

Ella, age 8, loves beef tenderloin steaks (just like her mom!) and extra sharp cheddar.

Carson, age 5, enjoys are ham steak best. We can't wait to restock this item!

Sophie, age 5, loves our kielbasa and whipped cream. What kid doesn't like whipped cream?!?!

Teddy, age 4, enjoys ground beef and sweet Italian sausage, especially together for meatballs!

Evelyn, age 2, is excited when she gets to have our bacon! (I mean, we all are.)

Lorraine, age 2, loves Cabot cheddar cheese! The best cheese there is!

Hazel, age 1 (almost 2!), loves our beef ribeye steaks. That a girl, Hazel!

Orders can be placed at any time! Check out our inventory to see what we currently have in stock. We will be restocking throughout different times of the year, so keep coming back to check. We are also gradually adding other VT products to make it more convenient for you, our customers!

We have lots of animal "kids" on the farm this spring, which our human kids love to visit!

We'll leave you with some of these young additions around the farm.

Happy Spring!


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