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Helping Neighbors in Need and the Gift of Giving this Holiday Season

Fairmont Market has made it easy to help our neighbors in need this holiday season! By using this link to Help a Neighbor you can easily donate with or without ordering our products. All donations will be matched by Fairmont and coordinated by East Montpelier Elementary School, to go to families in need this holiday season. We plan to donate our products to families, so their tables are filled with delicious local meals. We may supplement with grocery store gift cards as well, if appropriate.

If you prefer to donate in person, we will be hosting Christmas on the Farm December 12th. Our giving tree is on our front porch, when you donate be sure to put an ornament (provided here at the Market) on the tree with your name or just decorated to stay anonymous!

The gift of giving has always been a tradition in our family. Sometimes the feeling of giving to others that need it most, is what makes the holiday season special. Our community has many needs this year. Giving any amount you can, with our added match, will be very meaningful. Together, we can make a difference!

Our Udderly Crazy 4-Hers loved helping a local couple clean out their barn and get ready for winter this fall. The smiles on everyone's faces says it all, it feels so good to help. If you are not able to do a monetary donation, but could donate your time it can make the world of difference to both the giver and the receiver! This was a special day that will be remembered fondly by all.

Start a new tradition with your family this year, your kids will love knowing they've helped others by either putting food on the table, or lending a hand. Hoping you and your families have a wonderful holiday season. Thank you for your continued support.

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ben shaw
ben shaw
Aug 25, 2022

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