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Fun at Fairmont: What the Fairmont Family Does When They Aren't Farming!

If you've ever wondered what the hard working people of Fairmont do when they aren't farming or working in the Market, consider your question answered! Read on to learn what the ladies of Fairmont Market do for fun, along with their passions & joys in life. This article is bursting with fun Fairmont selfies and kid cuteness!


What do you do for fun/to destress?

Stay active! Sometimes this means running for fun or training for a race and sometimes it’s family walks or bike rides. In the winter, it is days on the slopes with our family, or skating in the backyard. Recently, we’ve enjoyed loading the family up in our side by side; it’s fun to explore our farmland with the whole family. Also, Dana and I love going out for a nice meal with a good glass of wine; another favorite is dancing the night away at a concert!

What is your favorite way to spend time with your kids?

Exploring! Watching the kids faces light up while showing them new things will never get old. What’s fun about the farm is that there’s always something new to see, so lots of times exploring can be in our backyard. They also love going to the beach or a game!