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Our Latest Products For Sale Near Montpelier VT

When you buy local beef from Fairmont Market, you are not just buying a great product, you are supporting a local family. Our beef animals are born and raised right here in East Montpelier, Vermont. They are fed a diet high in forages produced by our farm, they are out on pasture in the summer months, and they are supplemented some grain bought from a local feed company.


Buying local beef not only supports our family but it supports our community. We also support other business locally which allows helps to ensure those resources are pumped back into the community that has supported us. Buying local beef also maintains the open lands in our community, producing the corn and hay to feed our beef animals, creates the beautiful landscapes we all enjoy and recreate on.

Our Local Partners

Our beef animals are processed locally in Saint Johnsbury at Northeast Kingdom Processing, making the miles your food travels quite low! You will taste the freshness in our local beef, customers rave about our ground beef, stew meat, bratwurst sausages, kielbasa sausages, roasts, Delmonico steaks and tenderloin steaks to name a few.


We are also proud to share that you can even find our ground beef at local restaurants, Three Penny Taproom and Langdon Street Tavern in Montpelier, VT.  

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What Our Customers Say


We really enjoyed the farm to table bags! All of the meats were absolutely delicious, and the recipes included were simple to follow. We will definitely purchase again! Thanks for offering these!

- Angel, Nov 2020


I was excited to hear that Fairmont Farms had opened a retail store. So far I have tried lamb (delicious!) and beef, and my new favorite is the monthly bag - fixings for 4 meals , with recipes and Cabot ingredients included. Their website is easy to navigate, and the curbside pick-up is safe, convenient, and seamless. I'm happy to support this local family farm while enjoying the convenience of the store.

- Virginia, Nov 2020


Very appreciative of the Fairmont Farm market. The quality of the meats has been outstanding, and visiting the farm for pickup is a great alternative to conventional shopping trips. Fun way to shop local.

- Mark, Oct 2020

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