The Adventures at Dairy Day Camp

First Day of Camp – Group Shot!

Last year we ventured into Summer Camps at “The Haven” and LOVED it!  The kids had a blast, we had positive feedback from all the parents and we had so much fun sharing what we do with the campers.

I thought I would sum up our weekly adventures through some great pictures of the kids!

We started off every morning with chores, making sure the girls had plenty to eat and then tidying up the barnyard.

Each camper was assigned their very own calf for the week!

The campers brushed their calves…

and bathed them everyday.

They practiced leading the calves daily for the demonstration to friends and family at the end of the week.

They “picked the pack” to make sure the calves had a clean and dry place to take a nap.

They played games…

and made friends.

They learned how to feed the babies…

and grain them….

and even let them lick their fingers!

They went on a hike…

which ended with some excitement when we came out to loose heifers!

Played some more games,

and made their own butter!

Went on a field trip to the main farm to see the calf barn.

Even managed a little quiet time…sometimes.

Did some more chores,

and earned a Blue Ribbon!

We are very excited about our 2016 Dairy Day Camps!  We will be holding two weeks of camp this year:

  1. June 27th through July 1st (5 days)

  2. July 5th through July 8th (4 days)

The weeks will hold many of the same experiences that the campers had last year but we are planning to add some afternoon workshops as well.  These have not been finalized yet but the campers can expect to possibly hear from older 4-Hers, from service providers here at the farm such as our vet or hoof trimmer, and we are working on a great field trip!

#farmlove #happycampers #happycows

Please email Clara for a camp registration or if you have any questions, cannot wait to get another group of amazing campers signed up!


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