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Rescue…The Most Influential Family at Fairmont

Co-op Moonboy Rescue-ET (VG-85, 86MS, 2Y) , “Rescue”, has become quite a powerhouse for us at Fairmont.  Currently the #9 cow in the breed, Rescue is +2627 GTPI, +786 NM$.  The only cow in the top 10 of the breed without Mogul, Supersire or Robust in her pedigree.  With 7 Very Good and Excellent dams behind her, an out-crossed pedigree and high genomics is not her only strength.

HFB9054 Co-Op Moonboy Rescue-ET_grz

Co-op Moonboy Rescue-ET (VG-85, 86MS, 2Y) +2627 GTPI, +786 NM$

At 3 years and 6 months old, Rescue now has over 40 offspring (~20 daughters and ~20 sons) on the ground.  She has 51 pregnancies coming with 44 pregnancies by daughters already and 38 pregnancies by her Stoic son “Ragen”; that accounts for about 175 descendants in the next year and she has not reached 4 years old.  She currently has 20 offspring over +2600 GTPI, 5 of which are also over +2700 GTPI.    She currently has 8 sons in A.I. and some of her oldest daughters now have offspring as well.

Sons at Genex (currently available):

  1. Fairmont Avenger Rexton-ET +2581 GTPI  1ho11949

Younger Bulls at Genex:

  1. Fairmont Bayonet Rebel-ET +2753 GTPI

  2. Fairmont Bayont Rockstar-ET +2769 GTPI

  3. Fairmont Damaris Rambo-ET +2626 GTPI

  4. Fairmont Damaris Raider-ET +2731 GTPI

  5. Fairmont Bayonet Roscoe-ET +2691 GTPI

  6. Fairmont Damaris Rocky-ET +2670 GTPI

Rescue also has sons by Altivo, Ledoux (+2635 & +2751) and Testarossa

HFB9053 Co-Op Moonboy Rescue-ET.jpg

“Rescue” pictured in the middle of her 1st lactation

With all the exciting bulls Rescue has produced we are also excited about her heifers!

Top Daughters:

  1. Fairmont Sprsht Ramira-ET +2720 GTPI

  2. Fairmont Draco Rhian-ET +2652 PTPI

  3. Fairmont Supersht Romina-ET +2647 GTPI

  4. Fairmont Avenger Roxanne-ET +2640

  5. Currently flushing

  6. Fairmont Halogen Rudely-ET +2621 GTPI

  7. 1 Daughter by Delta +2661 PTPI

  8. 1 Daughter by Damaris +2640 PTPI

  9. Pregnancies by: Damaris, Jedi and Magnus

  10. Fairmont Josuper Regan-ET +2616 GTPI

  11. Fairmont Tuffenuff Ridge-ET +2610 GTPI

  12. 2 Daughters by Delta (+2667 & +2778)

  13. Pregnancies by: Sharkey, Jedi, Damien, Piledriver, Gatedancer, AltaSuperstar, AltaPainter, Jerald, Magista, Damien, Ambassador and Modesty

  14. Tremendous flush heifer, made over 120 embryos in just 10 flushes

  15. Due September 2016

  16. Fairmont Altivo Rashel-ET +2608


“Rescue” pictured just a couple weeks fresh in her first lactation

This family has been great to work with, excellent results from both conventional flushing and IVF.  Your chance to get in on this amazing cow family is coming up this June.  We have two exciting consignments for the 2016 National Holstein Convention Sale:

  1. Fairmont Supersht Romina-ET +2647 GTPI

  2. Our highest Rescue daughter to sell yet

  3. Fairmont Delta Rella-ET +2778 GTPI

  4. Our first grand-daughter to sell!

Please contact Tucker Purchase with any questions or to get more information, 802-249-3539.

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