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In honor of February and Valentine’s Day, today I want to talk about #farmlove.  #farmlove is a hashtag you may have seen on several different social media outlets and was created to showcase what #farmlove means to farmers through pictures that only a farmer can capture.

Cabot Logo

So what does #farmlove mean to us at Fairmont?  #farmlove comes in many shapes and sizes…these are a few of the things it can mean to us:


#farmlove is when you are walking through the barn and the girls just want to give you kisses

Doug Feeding

#farmlove is getting up bright and early no matter the weather so all the ladies are fed, 365 days a year


#farmlove is getting so excited when a baby learns to drink on her own for the first time


#farmlove is this baby being lucky enough to have two loving moms teach her to stand for the first time


#farmlove is getting excited about genetics and speeding up genetic progress through IVF


#farmlove is couples deciding to celebrate their marriage with us at the farm

Maiden Big E

#farmlove is when everything comes together from the mating of a cow to raising the calf to teaching them to lead and you get a big win in the show ring


#farmlove is when Lovely is just too cute and photogenic to not have her pose for every holiday of the year


#farmlove is a class of kindergartners that are so excited to see a brand new baby


#farmlove is when you are trying to take a picture and Anna just wants to show you love rather than posing

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