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Easy Soups

These soups are perfect for weeknight meal planning or easy fall soups to enjoy over the weekend. Both take around 30 minutes to make and use my fool-proof, five-step method of making any type of soup. When you use local, high-quality ingredients, you don’t need to take too much time! Here is my easy soup method:

Five Steps to Make Easy Soups

*Season with salt at each step, season with other spices at the simmer step.

1. Sauté aromatics with oil. Add ground meat and cook.

2. Add chopped fresh veggies in order of hardest to softest.

3. Add broth, canned ingredients, grains, and any other raw meat that isn't ground (see step 1)

4. Cover, bring to a boil for a few minutes, then simmer until grains are cooked.

5. Remove from heat, add acids. (herbs, citrus juice or zest, vinegar, sour cream, etc.)

Serve and enjoy!

Weeknight Chili

Here we used our delicious, milk-fed pork, and tons of local ingredients like Pete’s Greens produce and Bragg Farm maple syrup. Truly, just use whatever veggies you have! Plus the local ground pork adds so much to make it next level. Make sure to top this with some fresh herbs, avocado, lime, and Cabot Cheddar or Cabot Sour Cream!

Italian Wedding Soup

This soup truly makes people feel like its fancier than it is. You can use ground lamb or ground beef for the mini meatballs and kids just love it, but the lamb really kicks it up a notch. Adding the fresh spinach also just cuts the richness, and keeps it fresh and bright, while the orzo cooks in the broth and is oh so lovely.

These two recipes are featured in our October Farm to Table Bags—they include four recipes with all the meat and dairy for those recipes for $65 or $55 with a subscription. We offer free pick-up at our farm, free delivery to East Montpelier, and shipping nation wide for a flat rate of $35! Enjoy!

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