A Day in the Life of a Fairmont Camper

If you’re wondering about our summer camps, here are some snapshots to take you through a day in the life of one of our campers….

Campers start the morning feeding the heifers

….and showing them some love!

Campers brushed their calves

and learned to lead!

They bathed their calves,

and there was plenty of time for bonding 🙂

Each camper got assigned their own calf for the week,

which they formed great relationships with…

smiles all around from the kids and the calves!

Campers and their calves learned to work together,

and trust each other!

Campers also spent time doing daily chores

and keeping the barn tidy….

they also made sure our cows had clean water bowls to come back to!

We made time to play some games to cool off,

and get our energy out!

Campers did some team building exercises,

and helped each other out!

We had fun watching this duck,

and all her ducklings!

Campers fed the baby calves….

played with them,

and snuggled them!

Campers also did a great job cleaning dishes for the next feeding!

We took a trip to visit Cabot, where all of Fairmont’s milk goes!

Campers even learned to milk themselves…

and make butter!

They also enjoyed dairy products!

They had fun posing for their very own…

milk mustache shoot!

We certainly loved all the different mustaches…

so cute!!

Campers made friends,

and experimented with making some human pyramids!

They got a little daring with a large pyramid…

which didn’t last very long!

We had some special guests from the news…

and some more guests that taught us about fire extinguishers!

Learned a little about the history of dairy farming,

and about dairy showing and dairy judging.

Campers also took a field trip to our main farm…

to see many many more calves…

that is always a hit for both the calves and the campers 🙂

The whole week led up to a demonstration to family and friends,

showing everyone what they learned during the week!

Everyone went home with a blue ribbon,

we had two awesome groups of campers this year!

Friends and family even got to meet the special calves that the kids worked with all week!

Our calves certainly miss their camper friends….

they can’t wait until next year!

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