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4 Crowd Pleasing Grill Recipes

What to impress your friends and family with some special grilling tips? Want the adults AND kids to love what you make? You’ve come to the right place! These recipes are all easy, fresh, and perfect for entertaining this summer.

While we restock our freezers for the summer, all of these recipes are made with products we have in-stock now! Order away and you’ll be hearing “ooohs” and “ahhhs” this grilling season.

So many ways to prepare these! Our tip is to bring to room temperature before grilling, season with salt and pepper, and top with frozen shredded butter for the most juicy taste. Then, let the condiments sing like an avocado creama from our Farm to Table bags!

Our pork chops are divine—the fat and flavor paired with the thick cut make for a fancy meal without all the fuss. Again, our tip is to bring to room temperature before grilling and always pat dry very well. Our seasoning of choice is Lawrey’s as it has a nice balance of sweet and salty, but we have had good luck with rubbing a mixture of brown sugar, garlic powder, salt, pepper, and paprika too! Low to medium heat is key here to not dry out this cut while also melting the fat to add to the flavor. We love serving this with grilled shallots or onions in a balsalmic jam sauce like this one!

Grilled peaches

Yum. My kids go gaga over these. They are so simple I actually don’t want to share because people think I am fancy for it! All you do is slice in half fresh, local if you can, peaches (remember at room temperature), brush some oil on the flesh, place flesh side down on the grill, rotate after 5 mintutes to get some nice rill marks and remove from grill. Place face side up, drizzle with honey, coarse sea salt, and Cabot whipped cream! I also add chopped fresh mint to the parents 😊

Baked apple packets

Think apple crisp for the summer. This recipe is the one I use. Sometimes for the adults I add a little whiskey to the packet to make it a party. While this recipe says to top with ice cream, the Cabot Triple Cream is by far the better choice, plus you get added protein and active cultures!

Enjoy these recipes and we appreciate the support while we restock our freezers!

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