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How to Create a Really Captivating Essay About Yourself?

No matter if you enjoy telling people about yourself or not, the task to write an “about me essay” may create some problems. Where to start? What to mention? What to omit? Although it might be OK for you to describe someone else, it may be hard to talk about the most significant person in your life – yourself. And this is absolutely natural!

The essential thing you need to do is to find some unique experience in your life, something to intrigue your readers. This is the best jumping off point.

Be original! The biggest mistake is to use clichés in this type of essay! Don’t ever start like this: “My name is Bob, and I would like to present you an essay about me.” This is ironic, of course. Nevertheless, many students still write something like this at the beginning of their “autobiographies.” Such introduction may lower your chances of getting a nice mark significantly, even if the composition is interesting. Make the beginning of your essay bright, memorable and vivid!

Although you are creating an essay about yourself, remember not to tell about everything, even if the temptation is very strong. This isn’t an all about me essay. Select the information and approach to delivering it wisely. Don’t bring up your weaknesses or failures. It’s better not to mention them, although they occur in every person’s life. Advertise yourself and don’t be too shy!

In every about me essay example written by the best essay writing service reddit you are likely to find something, that captures your interest. There is something special in everyone’s life, so don’t be too modest and tell about your uniqueness as a person!

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