We are currently milking just over 1460 cows, 900 at the "Farm" in East Montpelier, 500 at the "Dairy" in Craftsbury and 60 at the "Haven" in East Montpelier.  Our whole herd averages about 86 lbs/day with about 100,000 SCC.  Cows are milked three times a day by two milkers at both the "Farm" and the "Dairy".  Cows are milked twice a day at the "Haven" in our tie stall barn.



The forage to concentrate ratio of the TMR is 60:40, with 70% of the forage coming form corn silage and 30% from haylage.  We grow all our own haylage and corn silage.  All grain is purchased through a local feed company.  The cows are fed once daily, we feed three different rations to our milk cows.



About 85% of our herd is registered.  We use proven bulls from the top 100 TPI list and also participate in young sire programs.

Our calving interval runs at about 13 months.  Cows are set up to be bred by 80 days with a voluntary waiting period of 50 days.

We use sand bedding throughout all of our barns to maximize cow comfort with the exception of the tie stall barn at the Haven.  The cows in the tie stall have new mats and are bedded with a shavings and sawdust mixture.