In 2011 we built a brand new calf barn in East Montpelier with group housing and free access to whole milk.  We raise all of our heifer calves from both Craftsbury and East Montpelier in our new facility and currently have about 120 on milk.  Our facility has a new system of ventilation that is constantly bringing fresh air into the barn.  The calf barn has outside curtains that aid in temperature control to create a comfortable environment in all seasons. 

Calf Barn Ventilation
New Calf Barn
Calf Barn Vents


Once the calves are weaned they are moved from the New Calf Barn to our newly renovated freestall barn which also has a group housing system.  The calves are moved through this barn until they are breeding age, at which time they are moved to our Heifer Barn.  Heifers stay in our Heifer Barn until they are a couple months away from calving.  At this point, they are moved to the Dry Cow barn to transition their diet and prepare to be a first calf heifer.  When they are just a few weeks away from calving they are moved one last time to our Close-Up Barn.    


Fairmont McCutchen Maiden wins at the Big E!

Fairmont McCutchen Maiden wins at the Big E!


Our heifer calves are the future of our herd, which is why we are always looking for new innovative ideas and ways to improve our heifer program.  We are constantly working with our feeding program to achieve high rates of gain and we are focusing more on top genetics to improve herd quality, longevity and profitability. 


As a bonus for raising high quality and healthy calves we have a lot of fun pairing select calves with our 4-H kids for the summer.  We travel to local and regional fairs with our heifers and 4-H Club.